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  • Cannabis Coin
    posted 04/30/2018 19:33:01 by yavuzc78
    Today, in the world of cryptocurrency there is existence of multiple cryptocurrencies popularly known as altcoins. One such currency is, “Cannabis Coin” which is a peer to peer digital currency that the can be used for instant payments. Although Cannabis coin is largely based on the protocol of Bitcoin, but it is different from Bitcoin. This is true, owing to the fact that Cannabis coin can be effectively mined with the help of “consumer grade” hardware. The symbol used for Cannabis coin is “CANN”. Unlike some of the altcoins available in the market, Cannabis coins is specifically used as a payment solution for different entities who are associated with the trade of Marijuana. This includes, different dispensaries who buy marijuana for medicinal purposes, retailers who buy marijuana and, the merchants who are involved in trading of marijuana. This coin is an evolution from a community called “Cannabis Coin Marijuana Cultivators”, who emphasizes on medicinal benefits of marijuana. Hence, this is often referred as a community coin, rather than an organization coin. 
    Cannabis coin is based on X11 algorithm, and the maximum number of coins produced are 420,000. The usage of X11 algorithm will facilitate less power consumption and higher hashing. Cannabis coin is considered as PoW (Proof of Work) currency, that promotes greater acceptance of marijuana while showcasing the benefits of Marijuana as well as cryptocurrencies. Hence, it can be said that CANN is designed with a specific purpose of allowing everyone to harvest in the altcoins in order to facilitate the growth of marijuana community. Currently, Cannabis coins are traded only in selected exchanges, in the respective currency pairs. The complete list is given below, with the currency pair.

    • Bittrex -> CANN/BTC
    • Cryptopia -> CANN/BTC
    • YoBit -> CANN/BTC
    • Coinexchange -> CANN/BTC
    • YoBit -> CANN/USD
    • YoBit -> CANN/ETH
    • Cryptopia -> CANN/LTC
    • Cryptopia -> CANN/DOGE
    • YoBit -> CANN/WAVES
    • YoBit -> CANN/RUR
    • YoBit -> CANN/DOGE

    Apart from the given list, it is also traded in AllCrypt and C-CEX. There are many dispensaries in United States specifically buying marijuana for medicinal uses, where Cannabis coin is used for single point of the sale system. Apart from CANN, some of the other cannabis coins that are available in the market are, PotCoin, Paragon Coin, and Hemp Coin.
    Even though there is a healthy surge in the investment of cannabis coins, it might not hold a healthy investment return for the potential investors. So, an investor might not fall for the created hype, and instead understand the usability of the Cannabis coins in the crypto market. Cannabis coins function with a limited scope, and their usability might be limited for trading marijuana. This is how it distinguishes itself from the other crypto coins, that are available in the crypto market. However, on the brighter side, cannabis coins are cheaper than the traditional altcoins such as BTC & ETH, which makes it a good proposition for buy. Cannabis coins are less volatile in comparison to traditional altcoins.

    Cannabis Mining

    You can mine cannabis coin here. You need setup your miner you can get info about minet setup here. Our Cannabis pool low fee. If you get any problem with minin please write us. Our communicatiom mail: teknikegitim@gmail.com

    Here is stratum addresses amd ports for mining Cannabis Coin:

    DifficultyStratumVar Diff
    Low Difficultystratum+tcp://s1.altcoinix.com:35361
    High Difficulty (D3 Miner)stratum+tcp://s1.altcoinix.com:353796-256
    Very High Difficultystratum+tcp://s1.altcoinix.com:3538512